My Story

Meet Ms. Love

How did I get into making my own lotions?

The first batch I ever made was unscented and intended to be given as gifts for the homeless population (along with blankets and jackets) so that people facing homelessness could survive the winter season. That batch ended up being way more product than expected, so we also gave it away to friends and family. I remember visiting a friend in Oregon for Christmas that year (2014) and gifting her a lotion. My friend's husband was working on his car and accidentally cut his finger. She suggested he put the lotion on the cut like an ointment to stop it from burning since he was determined to continue working on the car. The next thing we knew, he burst into the living room excited to tell me that the cut was feeling much better and was no longer burning. He said it no longer hurt to wash his hands, because the lotion created a barrier so the water would not sting the cut. He was incredibly thankful. That was the first time I knew I was on to something special that could really help people in ways I had not yet thought about.

My Personal Journey

My family is from the dry desert of New Mexico. Both my parents developed severe rashes in their 50s which no dermatologist could cure. I suffered from itching, rashes, adult acne, and combination skin. I visited dermatologists for my acne, with no positive results. The dermatologists actually made the problems much worse. Several prescriptions later, my skin was literally burned off my face in patches. I began to look at the list of side effects for all these drugs, including warnings such as "not recommended for breastfeeding mothers" and "fatal to infants." I decided to see what I could do to solve my own problems without pharmaceuticals. Thus, my years of skincare research began in 2015.

Now I have created my own formula and it is the only one I trust on my sensitive skin. It truly is useful from head to toe. I use it as a chapped lip salve, an ointment for small cuts, and to heal rough elbows and calloused feet. It smooths frizzy hair and can be used as a conditioner for cornrows. Ms. Love's Lotions can even be used for massage and other sensual touching in intimate areas as well. That is the beauty of Nature!


We choose every day who we are going to be and how we are going to show up in the world. Today, I choose love. Every minute I choose love makes life a little brighter, a little more worth living. Aho. Namaste. And so it is. Blessed be. Ashe and Amen. Sending healing energy across the cosmic web. Peace be with you.