Ms. Love's Lotions

Infused with Love and Healing Energy

Just for today, I will be grateful for all that I am and all that I have, including my life, my breath, and my heartbeat.

I welcome the new opportunities this new day brings. I welcome the new people who come into my life today. I am a loving, healing presence in the world. I choose to cultivate the light within me and share it with others.

I affirm that everything this day brings is an invitation for me to learn how to be my best self in each moment, trusting Spirit to guide me, forgiving myself and loving myself always.

Introducing Handmade Organic Skincare Products and Intention Candles

Gentle face and body scrubs, organic lotions, ritual candles, scented hand sanitizers and rollerball fragrances.

This Winter, invoke scents that make you want to curl up in a warm, cosy blanket and just snuggle into gratitude for all that you are becoming.

Oatmeal Face and Body Scrub

Start with Gentle Exfoliation

Winter can leave our skin needing extra moisture, and many drugstore washes and scrubs can leave sensitive skin dry and raw. Ms. Love's oatmeal scrub is gentle, natural, and moisturizing, even after you get out of the shower.

What I like best about this scrub is that it is so gentle. Ms Love's Oatmeal Body Scrub gently exfoliates and leaves your skin glowing. It pampers your skin because the oils sink in to moisturize from within. No need for lotion when you get out of the tub or shower. Ms. Love's got you covered!

I love products that do double duty because we all need self care but we all have a zillion things to do. One product that does it all - cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes. That is my type of self care!

This huge 15 oz container means you have enough to lavish your skin without worrying that you will run out. Safe for all skin types. Lightly scented with Almond Bliss.

I like to make self-care products that feel effortless for my customers so you can just indulge in loving yourself and radiating the beauty that is already within you.

This oatmeal scrub is truly amazing! I have used it to reduce the size of swollen ingrown hairs and acne blemishes with obvious improvement overnight. It is one of the few bath and shower products that leaves my skin feeling truly nourished and moisturized. Experience luxurious skincare that leaves you feeling renewed, rejuvenated and hydrated all in one simple step.

Hand and Room Sanitizing Spray

Add a Touch of Warmth

& Protection During the Cold Seasons

Ms Love's hand and room sanitizing spray is lightly scented to invoke the warm and cozy feelings of holiday baking and candy making at home, surrounded by those you love.

Inhale the inviting scents of blueberry muffins, creamy vanilla, peppermint eucalyptus, pep in your step peppermint, or wintergreen (smells like mint candies!)

Created with intention and blessing, with your health and wellbeing in mind. Made with 70% alcohol and skin safe fragrance oils. Tried and tested by Ms. Love. Classy and timeless 2oz cobalt glass spray bottles are small enough for your purse, pocket or car console.

Want in on one of my personal secrets? I use it to sanitize my phone, hands, doorknobs, and to lightly scent my clothing, towels and scarves. I carry one in my purse and use it to spray chairs and tables before I sit down in public places. I spray it around the room to lightly scent the air and cleanse the energy before meeting with clients. I also spray the bed occasionally to refresh the sheets. I keep one in my purse at all times.

Take the blessing of home with you wherever you go. Can be used in place of incense to provide a light scent in the room. These are great tools for ritual cleansing of the space before and after guests arrive, or before any important meeting when you want to be calm and focused. These sanitizing sprays are a great tool for cleansing not only the physical space, but the spiritual space as well.

Ms. Love's Warm and Cosy Winter Collection of Organic Lotions

Ms. Love's Warm and Cosy Winter Collection

This season, put something absolutely nourishing on your skin. 100% pure, cruelty free, organic ingredients. Inspired by the beauty and magic of Mother Nature.

Ms. Love's Lotions uses only raw, unprocessed, organic ingredients. Each batch is infused with love and healing energy to promote ultra-soft skin that exudes radiance. My vision is to help you heal from the inside out.

Sunflower oil, shea butter and coconut oil sink into the skin, while beeswax creates a protective barrier on the skin to keep moisture locked in, even for those who wash their hands often or work with drying agents like clay or cleaning products.

Ms. Love's Lotions is great for a myriad of skin conditions, including: gentle diaper rash ointment, salve for small cuts or burns, relief from eczema, repairing dry cracked skin, soothing balm for lips, nails and cuticles, and frizzy hair tamer. Feel confident that what you put on your skin is the best nature can offer. No harsh chemicals, no alcohol, and no water dilution. Ms. Love's body butters are a simply magical way to experience the beauty and healing magic of Mother Earth.

Customized Intention Candles

Custom handmade intention candles, infused with love and healing energy. Inspired by Nature. 100% organic soy wax and skin safe scents. Sustainable, ethically produced, non toxic candles, made with flowers and herbs grown and harvested by Ms. Love herself.

Your intention candle comes in an embossed glass or smooth painted tin container with matching snuffing lid and a special prayer/meditation written specifically for you by Ms. Love to help you manifest your intention.

Customize your candle by choosing a color, scent, and extras inside the candle (like glitter, flowers, coffee or basil). Choose either a printed label or a specific intention or affirmation. I will handwrite your chosen intention on the label for you.

Some options to choose from for inspiration:


Respect your Process

One Step at a Time

Calling in Comfort

Calling in Healing

Calling in Love

Trust YourSelf

Prioritize Self-care

Be True to You


Yes You can!

This is achievable!

You Got This!

You Are Beautiful

You Are Powerful

You are the Prize

You Are Enough

Peace Be Yours

Strength be Yours

Courage Be Yours

Wealth be Yours

Set your intention and read the enclosed prayer/meditation before you light your candle. Each time you look at your candle, you will be reminded of this sacred intention/affirmation.

Available scents:


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Maple Butter Cheesecake

Caramel Corn

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie







Almond Bliss

Blueberry Muffin

Choose any one of these lovely candle containers for your affirmation and intention candles.

Golden Glow Candle Collection

Invite in the warmth and prosperity that is already yours, buried deep inside you. Let the light of this golden bowl remind you of the sunshine you carry in your heart. May it lift your spirits and bless your heart, life, and wallet with limitless Abundance! With this rich golden hue, this candle is a great choice for attracting prosperity and abundance into your life. You are already rich within, deep in your soul. May this candle bring you wealth to match that which is already within you, helping you cultivate an abundance mindset.

Amber Ambiance Candle Collection

The Amber Ambiance Candle Collection reflects the amber glow of tree sap, logs burning in the hearth or campfire, the warmth of the cleansing flame, and roots that connect us all as children of the Earth, born to love and live lives of sacred purpose. Amber reminds us of the fruits the Earth provides us. Warm pumpkin pie, spiced lattes, and salted caramel corn are a few delicious treats that come to mind. A good choice to remind yourself to never underestimate the power of warmth and nourishment.

Choose any of the beautiful containers for your intention candle. Fill your home and heart with the Light of the Spirit, invoking your Highest Self.

Smooth Wine

Rose and flower petals compliment the design of this passion candle. This smooth round tin is made to safely contain the heat that candles create. The beauty and refined elegance of the wine color reflects the depth and passion of your intention, combined with a subtle grace that attracts.

Clear Embossed Glass

Handwritten Intentions and Affirmations like this one come with the added benefit of clarity to attract focus and purpose in all that you do. Simple, but elegant, this container is a good choice for those who desire purity of intention, transparency, and focus without distraction.

Silver Starlight (above) and Gold Crush (below)

These Candle Collections invoke the powerful presence of starlight and wish fulfillment. The mercury glass has the effect of reflecting the light with a glow that reminds us of starlight in the night sky.

Cherry Red

Cherry red is pure passion, invoking powerful and focused desire. Use it to call in love, or motivate and energize yourself to drive in the driver's seat of your life. Invokes root chakra and kundalini energy. This color attracts dynamic, powerful dragon energy, as dragons are one of the most awesome protectors and magical beings associated with fire.

Amber Ambiance

This is the slightly slimmer version of the Amber Ambiance Candle Collection. It invokes the feelings of warmth and nourishment that heal from the inside out. Amber is closely associated with trees, wisdom and earth magic. Amber Ambiance is in alignment with the energy of the sacral and solar plexus chakras, for deep inner healing, self-care, and growth.

Plum Purple

This vivid purple is the color of spirituality, spiritual quests, higher vision, and is associated with the crown chakra- the place where our minds meet with the the divine during deep prayer and meditation. Use this color to invoke your angels and spirit guides to breakthrough obstacles, reach new heights, and answer the call to be your highest self.

Tempting Teal

Tranquil and Serene, this color takes you on a journey into the realm of sacred waters. May it help you to create flow and ease in all that you do.

Bold Cedar

Cedar is traditionally offered in ceremony during prayer. This sacred tree brings blessings to those who respect the power of prayer. May it guide you to what you need most.

Winter Pine and Basil

Invoke the sacred wisdom and strength of pine trees with this candle. Use it to help you tune in to what the Spirit is whispering to you through wind in the trees, reminding you to take a hike for fresh air and mountain views. This one of a kind candle is offered for a limited time only. Comes with a hand-painted snuffing lid


Peppermint Eucalyptus

Blueberry Muffin

Pep in your Step Peppermint

Enjoy the scents of the season while also protecting your health & the health of those you love. These 2 oz bottles fit easily in your purse or car.

Fragrant Frankincense

Fragrant Frankincense is a powerful scent for cleansing, consecration, wisdom, and protection. A powerful tree sap that is used in many ceremonies to bless, cleanse, and clear negative energies.


A lovely combination of some of my favorite florals. This essential oil blend is absolutely fabulous. The scent is light and enticing.

Customers who do not usually like florals rave about this one.

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